About the Teacher

William Billich M.S. has formally taught honors physics, trigonometry, kinesiology, robotics, various levels of algebra, and chess. He tutors a myriad of math and science subjects from 2nd grade math to medical physiology. He has saved failing students, helped students become valedictorian, helped student's raise their MCAT score, helped students pass assorted AP exams, and helped students gain matriculation into colleges such as Princeton, Stanford, and University of California Schools.


He has written solution manuals for textbooks, published papers in molecular cell biology, and has written a physics textbook. While in medical school he lectured medical students on how to counsel patients on dietary and lifestyle modification, which was later published in a medical education journal. While he was in engineering school he founded a collegiate robotics organization which has grown to gain national recognition in robotics competitions including NASA’s robotics mining competition. He also works part time as a Master Personal Trainer at Synergy Health Club in Petaluma. 

"Although I have been in multiple majors, the one thing that remained constant was my desire to teach. I believe that no job, no career, no dream, is outside of the reach of persistence and dedication. My approach to teaching is to guide the student to develop their own system of learning. I lecture students with the intention of empowering them to become their own teachers and to evolve past the need for my services. The skills I hope to impart will advance the student's ability to learn in all realms, beyond the subject matter we cover. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching a student become a master of their own learning."

How To Contact

Please email any time at wbillich@gmail.com